One-Sentence Job Descriptions

Today I came across a blog post from Kem Meyer–Communications Director at Granger Community Church. Her post is titled, “We Scrapped Our Job Descriptions”, and in it Kem articulates the following exercise that helped each staff member on their team summarize their job description in one sentence.

1. Answer the question: “At the end of the day, if I’ve done this, then I’ve done my job.”
2. In your answer, remember to demonstrate the benefit to others trumps the task.
3. Keep your answer simple and short enough to easily remember and recite.
4. Include your individual strength theme to help maximize impact.

As a result, Kem and the team came up with this great one-page list of everybody’s job descriptions summarized in one-sentence along with their top five Strengthsfinder talent themes. Really good stuff. Check it.