7 Questions to Help You Clarify Your Strengths

To Lead from your strengths requires clear self-awareness. In other words, you must be aware of how God has uniquely wired you before you can most accurately pursue the right roles to serve in. Here’s seven questions to help you take that step:

1. What are my natural abilities and skills? Consider the Strengthsfinder assessment from www.strengthsfinder.com to help you clarify your strenghts.

2. What are my spiritual gifts? Check out the spiritual gifts assessment from Uniquely You.

3. What is my personality type? Check into the Myers Briggs or Leading from your Strengths assessments to help you understand your personality type and how you interact with others.  

4. What are the issues or interests that stir my heart? Focus on the activities that truly interest you, the problems you would enjoy solving, or the needs you feel challenged to meet. This will give you insight into your passions. You might also check out MyPassionProfile.

5. What are the activities that make me feel alive when I participate in them? This is another way to address personal passions.

6. When a book, sermon, speech, event, or activity ignites an interest in me, what’s the subject matter? This question can help you connect the dots between what you enjoy seeing, hearing, or doing and what God may be calling you to pursue.

7. What do my past successes and failures reveal about my areas of strength and passion? Past experience can be a valuable resource for reflecting on potential future pursuits.

Question: What’s your next step to increase your awareness of how God has gifted you?