Are You a Cause or a Result?

Have you noticed that some people lead a proactive life directed by purpose and vision? Even though they face difficulties, hardships, and sometimes poor or marginal results, they’ve learned the value of being proactive. Psychologist and author of The One-Life Solution, Dr. Henry Cloud, says of the proactive person, “You are a cause, not a result.” In other words, you dictate your life rather than being dictated to. You cause your life rather than being the result, or victim, of circumstances. Cloud says, “If you are a cause, not a result, you will be in control of yourself.”

Our lives will always encounter pressure, tough times, and big challenges. That’s life! The question is, will you be a cause that successfully navigates the rocky trails and takes proactive responsibility for your character and the pursuit of a God-given vision, or will you be a result, blaming circumstances for the person you’re becoming. You, and only you, make the choice.

Question: Which describes your life most–cause or result? Why? What do you need to do to move further toward cause?