Having Ideas vs. Finding Ideas

Former GE, CEO, Jack Welch says: You have to celebrate finding an idea rather than having it?”

This is more than a play on words; it’s an essential piece to developing an organizational growth culture. Finding an idea is driven by a commitment to do what’s best for the organization whereas having an idea is driven by ego. Finding is about organizational progress; having is about personal pride. Finding understands that great ideas can come from anywhere; having is convinced that great ideas only come from an elite few. Finding looks outside the organization where ideas are abundant; having only looks within the organization where ideas are limited.

You have to celebrate finding an idea rather than having it. - Jack Welch Click To Tweet

Teams who are committed to finding ideas without worrying about the originator of the idea or who gets the credit, will always have more and better ideas than those limited to their own pool of creativity.

Churches can easily succumb to having over finding. How many times do pastors narrow the idea search to their own denomination? How often do church leaders limit their idea discussions to people who think just like themselves? It’s essential that the search for new ideas comes from a curiosity for finding rather than the pride of having.

Question: Are you more inclined to focus on finding ideas or having ideas? Which is your organization most inclined to?