Steering Through Chaos

Just finished reading Scott Wilson’s book, Steering Through Chaos: Mapping a Clear Direction for Your Church in the Midst of Transition and Change. Pastor Scott shares the story of how he helped The Oaks Fellowship successfully navigate a series of significant ministry transitions including a major relocation effort.  The book is full of great insight and practical ideas to help you through your own transitions. 

Here are just two of many valuable insights:

1.  The Sigmoid Curve – While this concept isn’t new, Scott does a great job unpacking the natural cycles of growth and decline experienced by churches and organizations.  The life cycles begin with vision, then growth, then decline, followed by nostalgia. Scott makes a great observation that most leaders create changes when they reach the “decline” stage of the cycle. However, he observes that wise leaders make changes during the growth season so that the decline can be avoided. It’s during the growth seasons that leaders must infuse fresh vision and strategy. Wilson observes, “Waiting until the church begins to decline may be safer, but it forfeits time and momentum.” Where is your church or organization in the sigmoid curve?

2. Coaching Through the Leadership Gap – A second valuable truth is the need for coaching. Scott shared his own journey to finding a great coach to help him successfully navigate change, improve his leadership, and cultivate health in his personal life.  He unapologetically states that the chapter on finding a coach is the most important in the book. Wilson observes that a great coach is an accurate mirror, a vision stretcher, a gifted strategist, a trusted confidant, a pace setter, and a wise counselor. Who is your coach?

Steering Through Chaos is loaded with helpful advice on vision, motivating people, timing your change, prayer, celebration, endurance and much more. Check it out today.

Question: What’s the most valuable advice you would give a leader who is navigating a transition?