Dave Ramsey’s Momentum Theorem

Dave Ramsey has helped millions of people navigate their finances, break out of debt, and take a path toward financial freedom. He has also worked hard to lead his organization with excellence and create a healthy organizational culture. In another post I shared some of the insights of Dave Ramsey’s Organizational Culture.

Many of his leadership thoughts are captured in his new book, EntreLeadership. The book is full of practical wisdom from the trenches. One insight Ramsey shares is “The Momentum Theorem.” I first learned about the Momentum Theorem during a training event at Dave Ramsey’s office in 2009.

The Momentum Theorem was originally something Ramsey presented to his staff during a season when the organization was receiving significant attention from some high level media sources. Several team members in the organization were excited about the new opportunities the company was enjoying and Ramsey’s concern was that they would misinterpret what was truly happening. The company was not an overnight success. It was a success that was 15 years in the making.

That’s when Ramsey taught his team the Momentum Theorem: FOCUSED INTENSITY over TIME multiplied by GOD equals UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM.

This simple but powerful theorem is applicable to every area of your life. You begin by focusing with intensity on a specific area of your life (ministry, business, family, relationship with God, health, school, etc.). Your focus can’t be a short, one-time shot or a brief “New Year’s Resolution” window. That focused intensity must happen over time…day after day, week after week, month after month.

When you focus intentionally over an extended period of time, you’re doing everything you can do to see progress and growth. But coupled with your focused intensity over time must be an unwavering reliance on God to do what only He can do. That combination ultimately leads to unstoppable momentum.

Question: How can you apply the Momentum Theorem to your life? What part of the theorem is missing in your life and leadership?