Leadership: The Catalytic Gift

Author and pastor of Willowcreek Community Church, Bill Hybels makes a great statement in his book, Courageous Leadership. He says, “The church must come to grips with the fact that the gift of leadership is the catalytic gift that energizes, directs, and empowers all the other gifts” (p. 68).

This is by no means an arrogant statement. Rather, it is the reality that leaders are responsible to recruit, equip, and mobilize others to serve through their God-given gifts. When leaders fail to act as “gift catalyzers,” they become the lid on their church, organization, family, department, or whatever else God has called them to lead.

Have you stopped to recognize the gifts of the people around you? Are you faithfully stewarding your influence to help others maximize their God-given potential? When you view yourself as a “gift catalyzer,” your perspective on your leadership and areas of responsibility completely changes.