How to Create Lasting Personal Change

Personal change is often seen as nothing more than attending an annual conference to make us feel good about ourselves. Our tendency is to view growth through the lens of short-term events rather than a lifelong developmental process that produces lasting change. Over time, I’ve come to realize that true change requires more than a single event. True change often follows this process:

Events inspire change, process creates change, and habits sustain change.

Events are a great place to be inspired to make changes in our lives. Something said by a conference speaker might be the spark that ignites our personal development and gets the ball rolling. But if the event is not followed by an on-going process of growth, our aspirations of change will be short-lived.

Events inspire change. Process creates change. Habits sustain change. Click To Tweet

As we engage in a continual personal growth process–accessing resources, coaching, and growth experiences–true change actually takes shape. Change moves from an noble idea to a reality. As the process takes shape within us, we being cultivating the right habits. Those habits sustain any changes realized during the growth process.

The real hinge in the system of change is the growth process. If you lack motivation to grow, participate in an inspiring event that will get you started. But when the event is over, engage in an ongoing process of growth and development. Only then can you develop sustainable habits that make change a permanent part of your life.

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