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Karen and I are so excited about the upcoming launch of our new book, Unexpected: What to Do When Life Disrupts Your Plans, releasing Tuesday, September 16th. But we need your help…and we want to give you four gifts for helping us.

Unexpected - Book CoverWhat is Unexpected About?

Everyone encounters the Unexpected! Whether it’s losing a job, receiving a bad report from a doctor, a late-night phone call, a relationship ending, a financial setback, or a dashed dream, “unexpected” shows up in unwelcome ways. Sometimes it feels like it’s raining rocks, and we’re doing our best to dodge a fatal blow. The question is, how do we respond when life unexpectedly disrupts our plans?

In Unexpected, we share our personal stories of two traumatic disruptions. Karen shares how her peace was stolen during a robbery when five young men broke into her house, and then dragged her out of the shower at gunpoint. I share my journey of simultaneous congestive heart failure and pulmonary failure despite years of annual check-ups with good reports. From our stories of unexpected disruption, we share seven valuable takeaways that we’ve learned along the way: Prayer, Trust, Perspective, Family, Community, Purpose, and Legacy.

Each insight is extremely practical, and each chapter sheds transparent light on the ups and downs of our journey. Whether you’re navigating an unexpected disruption, or your life is going great, these practical insights will inspire hope, offer wisdom, and deepen your faith.

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What You Get

When you join our launch team, you’ll receive the PDF of each of my four books (including the advanced electronic copy of Unexpected and the Unexpected Study Guide). The four books include:

1. Unexpected: What to Do When Life Disrupts Your Plans

2. Unexpected Study Guide

3. Creating Your Church’s Culture

4. GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution 

What I’m Asking From You

  • Write a Book Review – As soon as the book goes live, take a few minutes to write an honest review of the book on If you have your own blog, we’d love for you to share a review on your blog with your audience.
  • Spread the Word – Help us spread the word during the week of the book’s release (September 16th). Use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and any other social media platform you use. You can share the book from here, and you can view or share the book trailer.
  • Share Your Ideas – I’d love to hear your ideas on how we can get the word out about the Unexpected book and study guide. I’ll provide you an email address to share your thoughts.

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“When life disrupts your plans – and it will – how will you respond? Karen and Stephen Blandino have walked through deep valleys of disruption and emerged with truth that will help you face your own times of pain and loss. Take advantage of their hard-won perspective for facing the unexpected setbacks and traumas in your own life.”Daniel Allen
Dr. Daniel Allen, Leadership Coach and author of Summoned: Stepping Up to Live and Lead with Jesus.

Check out the Unexpected book trailer below.

Join The Unexpected Book Launch Team