Turning ‘Do Good Works’ Into a Small Group at Church, Work, or with Friends

Download the Free Six-Session Group Discussion Guide Today

Learning with friends or colleagues is a great way to assimilate new ideas and apply fresh insights to your life. My new book, Do Good Works: Am I Doing What I Was Made to Do? just released, and to help you take the journey with friends, I’ve developed the Do Good Works Six-Session Group Discussion Guide.

This FREE Guide will help you facilitate great conversation as you explore six thought-provoking sessions:

Do Good Works Group Discussion Guide1 – You Were Created ON Purpose

2 – You Were Cultivated FOR Purpose

3 – You Were Crafted WITH Purpose

4 – You Were Called TO Purpose

5 – Turning Ten Facts Into One Focus

6 – Matching Your Good Works with a Good Role

Do Good Works and this helpful discussion guide are great tools to discuss with friends, co-workers, and in church small groups. Download the discussion guide HERE for free.