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Organizational Culture Assessment & Action Guide

Culture sets the tone for your organization, but creating a healthy organizational culture isn’t so easy. The process begins by diagnosing the condition of your culture, and then taking strategic steps to improve. This step-by-step guide provides a series of questions and actions steps to help you evaluate the health of your organization’s culture. It will guide you through the process of evaluating systems, improving your hiring process, infusing your values into your team, and uprooting bureaucracy from your organization. With a thorough assessment, you’ll be prepared to develop a thriving culture. Don’t just drift into your culture, create it on purpose. Subscribe to my blog and download it today.

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The Young Leader's Guide to Building Influence - Cover

Young leaders grow frustrated when other leaders don’t take them seriously. This practical guide gives young leaders the most important lesson and the most important test to building influence. It also provides ten words of wisdom for young leaders, ten tips to help you lead up (by influencing those who lead you), and how to maximize your growth through three types of teachability. Plus, for those who work with young leaders, this guide offers ten ways to identify emerging leaders, as well as practical tips on coaching young leaders to succeed. Subscribe to my blog and download it today.

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What does it mean to trust God? This question haunts many people as they struggle to navigate the most difficult times in life. It’s one thing to tell people to trust God, but it’s another to actually do it. How do you trust God when you lose your job, receive a bad doctor’s report, lose a loved one, or are faced with the toughest decisions of your life. In this encouraging resource, Stephen and Karen share their own stories of pain, and provide a biblical understanding of trusting God. You’ll learn how to face your “trust God gap,” and navigate your toughest challenges. Subscribe to my blog and download it today.

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Everybody wants to grow, but how do you grow purposefully and strategically in the most important areas of your life? In this three chapter e-book, you’ll discover how to become a lifelong learner, face your growth gaps, and develop a customized personal growth TRAC. This extremely practical resource gives you the process you need to get traction, whether you want to grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, relationally, physically, or financially. It also includes an appendix with sample Growth TRACs and a template for crafting your own Growth TRAC. Plus, it’s available for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, or as a PDF. Subscribe to my blog and download it today.

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