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Unexpected - Book CoverUnexpected: What to Do When Life Disrupts Your Plans

Everybody Encounters the Unexpected! Whether it’s losing a job, receiving a bad report from a doctor, a late-night phone call, a relationship ending, a financial setback, or a dashed dream, “unexpected” shows up in unwelcome ways. Sometimes it feels like it’s raining rocks, and we’re doing our best to dodge a fatal blow. The question is, how do we respond when life unexpectedly disrupts our plans.

In Unexpected: What to Do When Life Disrupts Your Plans (releasing September 16, 2014) Stephen and Karen Blandino share their personal stories of pain and disruption. Karen shares how her peace was stolen during a robbery when five young men broke into her house, and then dragged her out of the shower at gunpoint. Stephen shares his journey of simultaneous congestive heart failure and pulmonary failure despite years of annual check-ups with good reports. From their stories, Stephen and Karen share seven valuable takeaways about prayer, trust, perspective, family, community, purpose, and legacy. Learn more HERE.

“An invaluable, honest and practical look at how we should respond when unexpected disruptions happen in our lives. This affirming message of hope and healing is a must read!”John McKinzie
Lead Pastor, Hope Fellowship, Frisco, Texas

Unexpected Study Guide - Book CoverUnexpected Study Guide

In addition to the book, the Unexpected Study Guide also releases September 16th.

This 5-session study guide is great for use in a small group with friends or for personal reflection. The curriculum includes Stephen and Karen’s stories of disruption followed by five sessions: Trust, Perspective, Community, Purpose, and Legacy.

Each session also includes a special prayer emphasis as well as a takeaway for personal application. Learn more about the Unexpected Study Guide HERE.

No matter what side of life’s disruption you’re on, you will treasure this book. It is authentic, practical, eye-opening, effective, and encouraging. You don’t have a choice when it comes to life’s unexpected disruptions, but this may just be what you need to get through it.”Dan Hunter
Lead Pastor, Living Church, Mansfield, TX

Creating Your Church's Culture - Cover AdCreating Your Church’s Culture

How do you create a thriving organizational culture in your church? Churches are committed to a spiritual mission, but it is often the organizational aspects of the church that hinder the mission from moving forward.
In Creating Your Church’s Culture, Stephen Blandino gives you the tools and strategies to address the organizational side of your church’s culture. You’ll move out of mediocrity into a healthy and energizing culture as you define your culture, activate the culture equation, hire staff that fit your culture, develop effective systems, increase employee and volunteer engagement, and much more. In this easy-to-read resource you’ll learn how to:

Learn more HERE, or purchase a copy of Creating Your Church’s Culture today on AMAZON, KINDLE, BARNES & NOBLE, or BOOKS-A-MILLION.

“Concise, strategic, and practical! Stephen Blandino gives you the roadmap you need to develop a healthy organizational culture with fully engaged team members.”Scott Wilson
Pastor, The Oaks Fellowship and author of Ready, Set, Grow: 3 Conversations that Will Bring Lasting Growth to Your Church

GOGO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution

Do you feel stuck? Is your personal growth on pause? Is the gap growing larger between where you are and where you want to be? Do you want to help others grow but you don’t know where to start?

GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution equips you to take personal growth to an entirely new level. Not only will you maximize your own growth potential, you’ll discover how to ignite a growth revolution in others. GO! will equip you to close your growth gaps, create a customized Growth TRAC, and leverage the five levels of personal growth to start a growth revolution in you, around you, and beyond you.

Learn more HERE, or purchase GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution on AMAZON, or on KINDLE. You can also order at BARNES & NOBLE or BOOKS-A-MILLION. For bulk orders and pricing, email me HERE.

“Some books are written to inform, and others to inspire, still others to motivate you to action. In GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution author Stephen Blandino does all three. You will learn, grow and move forward. The concepts are real-life and the strategies, if followed, will actualize your full capacity potential.”Sam Chand
Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Author of Cracking Your Church's Culture Code

How to Create a Plan for Personal GrowthHow to Create a Plan for Personal Growth

As a special thanks for subscribing to my blog, you’ll receive my ebook, How to Create a Plan for Personal Growth. This tool will help you:

  • Become a lifelong learner
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  • Create a customized personal growth TRAC

Plus, you’ll see Growth TRAC samples, and  you’ll have a template to create your own plan for personal growth. Click HERE to learn how to sign-up. Content for this ebook was derived from my book GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution.