An Isle Called "Someday I’ll"

Basketball coaching legend, John Wooden, once said, “When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.” Everybody wants great opportunities to cross their path, change the course of their life, or bring that long-awaited breakthrough. Unfortunately, too many people camp on an isle called “someday I’ll” as they wait for the perfect opportunity to come. With visions of grandeur they make statements like, “Someday I’ll land the perfect job,” or “Someday I’ll restore that relationship,” or “Someday I’ll figure out my purpose in life.” The problem with “Someday I’ll” is that it usually ends on an isle of regret. Life comes to a close with statements that begin, “I wish I had…”

So why not replace “Someday I’ll” with “Today I’ll.” Rather than waiting for opportunity, why don’t you proactively prepare with an opportunity in mind. We all need the right opportunities to fulfill our God-inspired dreams, but, in my experience, God rarely brings the opportunities if we have not faithfully prepared ourselves.

Preparation equals personal growth. My consistent and strategic personal growth prepares me for the opportunities that open the door to my dreams. John Wooden was right, “When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.” But I would add, “If you never prepare, the opportunities rarely come.” You have to move from intentions to actions.

Question: What are you doing to prepare?