Granger Community Church’s Audacious Vision

Vision, true, God-inspired vision, is audacious. Bill Hybels says that what makes a vision powerful is not that it’s just a picture of the future, but “the energy and the passion it evokes deep in one’s heart.”  Jim Collins espouses BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) as a critical piece to vision. So what does audacious vision look like?

Tim Steven’s, Executive Pastor at Granger Community Church, has posted Granger’s five-year vision…and it is audacious. The vision is captured in the statement, “Raising The BAR” and focuses on three major ideas:
  • BE the Church
  • ACTIVATE the Campus
  • REPRODUCE at Every Level

I’d like to challenge you to check out Granger’s Vision here. As you read the vision, what emotions rise inside of you? How does the vision speak to you? And what lessons can you learn about vision, vision-casting, and inspiring others? This is a great lesson in vision…don’t waste it.