Four Growth Questions to Start the New Year (Part 2)

When beginning a new year, it’s always good to start with four essential questions. The first question is, “In What Areas Do You Want to Grow?” Once you’ve made an accurate assessment of your growth areas, a second question must follow. Without the second question, your growth goals will get lost in the growth resistant routines of life. While the first question helps you identify appropriate growth areas, the second question forces you to flesh out the details: “How Do You Plan to Grow?”

BobBiehhanotethaTracActioTraction.” Wheyocreataaitighplatreacyougrowtgoals, you’ll have a track on which to run. Some of the best plans utilize four practical growth tools: 

  • Training: Workshops, seminars, conferences, classes, courses, etc. 
  • Resources: Web-based tools, DVDs, podcasts, blogs, books, magazines, etc. 
  • Relationships: Coaching, mentoring, discipling, counseling, interviews, and relational networks
  • Experience: Assignments, activities, and opportunities

When you create a plan for each of your growth areas that utilizes Training, Resources, Relationships, and Experiences, you move your growth goal from a noble ambition to a concrete strategy. That uniquely designed strategy provides your growth track. Once its developed, it’s time to take action…and experience traction. So what about you…“How Do You Plan to Grow?” If you want to learn more about setting and reaching personal growth goals, download my FREE ebook, How to Create a Plan for Personal Growth