GO!“Some books are written to inform, and others to inspire, still others to motivate you to action…Stephen Blandino does all three.”
– Dr. Sam Chand


Do you feel stuck? Is your personal growth on pause? Is the gap growing larger between where you are and where you want to be? Do you want to help others grow but you don’t know where to start?

Stephen Blandino’s new book, GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution equips you to take personal growth to an entirely new level. Not only will you maximize your own growth potential, you’ll discover how to ignite a growth revolution in others. Whether you’re just starting your growth journey, you’re a lifelong learner with an unquenchable appetite for growth, or you’re somewhere in between, GO! will equip you to:

  • Close the gap between your reality and your dreams
  • Access the three on-ramps to personal growth
  • Create a customized personal growth TRAC
  • Leverage the five levels of personal growth to start a growth revolution in you, around you, and beyond you
  • Transform your thinking, move beyond good intentions, and experience personal transformation 
  • Maximize your personality type to grow to your full potential
  • Make intentional investments in others by using six growth deposits
  • Multiply your personal growth for continual impact

GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution is available in my store HEREon AMAZON, or on KINDLE. You can also order at BARNES & NOBLE or BOOKS-A-MILLION. For bulk orders and pricing, email me HERE.

GO! will challenge and equip anyone who desires to grow to their full potential or leverage their growth to make a difference in others. Whether you’re a pastor, coach, leader, HR professional, student, or you simply want to take your personal growth to a new level, GO! is your roadmap to get there.

What Others Are Saying About GO!

“Some books are written to inform, and others to inspire, still others to motivate you to action. In GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution author Stephen Blandino does all three. You will learn, grow and move forward. The concepts are real-life and the strategies, if followed, will actualize your full capacity potential.”

– DR. SAMUEL R. CHAND, Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Author of Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code

“Anybody who wants to become all that God wants them to be has to read GO! Stephen hits the nail on the head on how we develop personally so that we can maximize our God given potential!”

– HERBERT COOPER, Lead Pastor, People’s Church, Oklahoma City

“In business I’m always looking for a competitive edge, and in GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution Stephen Blandino gives you that edge. Through the five levels of personal growth you create a pathway for personal growth both for yourself and the people you lead. This book is one you’ll actually implement the wisdom it contains.”

– BILL BARNETT, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host and the Best Selling Author of Are You DUMB Enough to be RICH?

“Stephen takes the mystery out of personal growth. He shows me how to be intentional about growth in my own life, and also how I can help others (my family, friends, mentees, so on) develop as well. GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution is full of the most practical wisdom you’ll find anywhere.”

– JEFF GALLEY, Team Leader for LifeGroups & Missions, LifeChurch.tv

“The best growth plan is the one that works for you. I know the GO Practices you will discover in GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution work because I have watched Stephen Blandino practice them for years. Create your personalized Growth TRAC and get moving to the next level today. Then take someone with you tomorrow!”

– STEVE MOORE, President, Missio Nexus, and Author of Who Is My Neighbor? Being a Good Samaritan in a Connected World

“Stephen is onto a much needed step-by-step approach to personal growth. Packed with stories, GO! is a great read embedded with a number of life-changing practices. I came away with several practical next steps and I’m sure you will too!”

– MARK HOWELL, Small Group Ministry Consultant & Coach

“I have had the privilege to know and work with Stephen Blandlino for over 25 years. One constant during these years has been Stephen’s commitment to personal growth. His personal journey has now been encapsulated into this outstanding work to help each of us overcome our growth gaps. This is a must read!”

– DARIUS JOHNSTON, Lead Pastor, Christ Church, Fort Worth, Texas

“If personal growth and development seems mysterious to you, or if achieving sustained meaningful growth has eluded you, this book has the keys that can help you unlock your true growth potential! Five clear and powerful steps will put you on TRAC to live the life you have always wanted to live, realize your full potential and help others reach their full potential. Start your Growth Revolution today!”

– JERRY HURLEY, Team Development Leader, LifeChurch.tv

“God did not give you the potential to pursue great dreams only to see those dreams die in the desert”. With this work, Blandino presents a thoughtful, compelling and life-giving approach to personal growth that is both serious and inspirational. With the array of information provided the author has succeeded in constructing an extremely valuable and inspirational resource for all seeking to grow to their full capacity and helping others do the same. It will encourage and empower us to listen for and embody our innate callings in God.”

– DR. DORIS GOMEZ, Assistant Professor & Program Director, M.A. in Organizational Leadership, Regent University School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship

“Stephen Blandino’s latest book gets right to the heart of personal growth. GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution shares the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, shows you how to unlock that power in your life, and gives you the strategies to overcome the obstacles that lie in your way. This book will challenge you, as it has me, to strive for more and to maximize potential. Read it and be inspired to go the extra mile, guaranteed.”

– DR. CALVIN H. LAWRENCE, Tarleton State University

GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution is available in my store HEREon AMAZON, or on KINDLE. You can also order at BARNES & NOBLE or BOOKS-A-MILLION. For bulk orders and pricing, email me HERE.