GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution is Now Available


My new book, GO! Starting a Personal Growth Revolution has officially released. You can purchase the book in my store HERE or on AMAZON.

GO! unpacks the five levels of personal growth so that you can maximize your own growth and intentionally invest in the growth of others. You’ll learn how to close your growth gaps, how to access the on-ramps to personal growth, how to create your own customized, personal growth TRAC, and how to see transformation in your life.

You’ll also discover how to leverage six growth deposits so that you can help others grow to their full God given potential. You’ll even learn how to multiply your growth through others.

GO! is a great book to use for:

  • Personal growth and reflection
  • Small group discussions
  • Leadership Development
  • Creating personal growth plans
  • Mentoring others
  • Staff development

To learn more or to see who has endorsed GO! click HERE. You can purchase the book in my store HERE or on AMAZON. For bulk orders and pricing, email me HERE.