McManus & Kotter on "Change"

Our culture is experiencing an unprecedented rate of change. And to influence our culture with the Gospel will require appropriate, often radical change. The following are a few of my favorite quotes that imply the need for change or the process of change from two respected authors–Pastor and Cultural Architect, Erwin McManus and Harvard Business Professor, John Kotter:

  • “The Gospel, as presented in our time, has been crafted in a way that would only win Christians to Christ.” Erwin McManus

  • A good rule of thumb in a major change effort is: Never underestimate the magnitude of the forces that reinforce complacency and that help maintain the status quo. John Kotter

  • “The life cycle of a church is just like a bell curve. Decline begins right after the highest point. In a church’s peak moment, she has the most people and the most money. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but churches begin to decline when things are going well. We are in grave danger when we have the most people and the most money in our history.” Erwin McManus

  • “Whenever smart and well-intentioned people avoid confronting obstacles, they disempower employees and undermine change.” John Kotter

  • “The real tragedy is not that churches are dying but that churches have lost their reason to live!” Erwin McManus

Can you share some of your favorite quotes on “change” and what they have meant to you?