Alan Danielson and Triple-Threat Leadership

One of the essential keys to effective leadership is cranking up the heat on your core values and key practices. This weekend we had small groups coach and consultant Alan Danielson speak to our small group leaders about “Getting off the Couch” and being missional. For some time we’ve wanted to elevate this missional value in our groups and Alan totally helped us accomplish that goal. His passion for people without Christ and his deep belief for missional groups helped us raise the temperature of groups being on-mission with God. And our leaders totally got it. The comments shared by our leaders after his presentation were revealed a significantly heightened vision for impacting the community.  

Monday was a great day as well. Alan presented his “Triple-Threat Leadership” workshop to our staff and helped us understand the non-negotiable components of vision, strategy, and relationships in the arena of leadership. His assessment pinpointed our unique leadership styles and Alan provided some valuable coaching in the process. It was a great launching pad for discussion as each member of our team reflected on our leadership default buttons and what we must do to move toward the center of effective leadership. 

If you’re not familiar with Alan Danielson, check out his blogebook and assessment, or coaching and consulting. You’ll be challenged, encouraged, and stretched. It’s worth your time.