My New Book, Creating Your Church’s Culture, Releases Today

CYCC BookMy new book, Creating Your Church’s Culture, releases today. You can purchase Creating Your Church’s Culture on Amazon or on Kindle.

Every church has a unique culture defined by its vision, systems, relationships, behaviors, and leaders. When the culture is healthy, it delivers consistently healthy outcomes that advance the mission of the church. But when cultures are unhealthy, or worse, toxic, they perpetuate constant dysfunction and derail the church’s purpose. To steer out of mediocrity and into a thriving culture with fully engaged employees and volunteers, pastors and church leaders need a clear roadmap with proven insights for change.

In Creating Your Church’s Culture, I give you the tools and strategies to move out of mediocrity into a healthy and energizing culture. You’ll learn how to:

  • Define your culture
  • Activate the Culture Equation
  • Hire staff that fit your culture
  • Infuse your values into your culture
  • Create a learning culture
  • Develop effective systems
  • Increase employee and volunteer engagement
  • Measure the health of your culture
  • Uproot bureaucracy

If you’re a lead pastor, executive pastor, business administrator, staff pastor, church leader, HR director, non-profit leader or simply want to invest in the health of your church or organization, Creating Your Church’s Culture will help you take your next step. It also includes a practical assessment and implementation guide to help you apply what you’re learning.

You can purchase Creating Your Church’s Culture on AMAZON or on KINDLE.


What Others are Saying about Creating Your Church’s Culture

“Concise, strategic, and practical! Stephen Blandino gives you the roadmap you need to develop a healthy organizational culture with fully engaged team members.”

– SCOTT WILSON, Pastor of The Oaks Fellowship and author of Ready, Set, Grow: 3 Conversations that Will Bring Lasting Growth to Your Church

“Too often we make leading a church more complicated than it ought to be. Creating Your Church’s Culture is an honest look at how to accomplish the mission of the church with more simplicity. Readable, practical, and insightful.”

– JEFF GALLEY, Team Leader for Life Groups and Missions,

“Every church has a culture—some are toxic and some are life-giving. Life-giving cultures produce healthy, growing people. In Creating Your Church’s Culture, Stephen Blandino draws on his personal experience and research to produce a blueprint for developing a healthy culture. Easy to read, and filled with practical ideas, this book will help you implement the essential steps to create a healthy culture in your church.”

– DARIUS JOHNSTON, Lead Pastor, Christ Church, Ft. Worth, TX

“I am very excited to recommend Creating Your Church’s Culture. The author, Stephen Blandino is an experienced consultant, coach, and ministry practitioner with extensive experience in multiple church ministry contexts. He has served as a church staff member, executive pastor, and now is serving as the Lead pastor of a church plant. I was able to read the book in two settings. It’s filled with practical information and “how to” knowledge. I recommend this book to every church planter and, for that matter, any leader that is working to move a church to the next level.”

– DAVE MCNAUGHTON, Church Planting Catalyst and Coach and Team Leader for Church Multiplication Network

“Whether you’re seeking wisdom on how to develop a thriving culture for a brand new organization or looking for ways to recreate the current culture of your organization, Stephen Blandino’s Creating Your Church’s Culture provides you with the necessary tools to build a healthy culture that will allow your organization to flourish.”

– JESSIE PRINCE, Executive Pastor, Grace Outreach Center, Plano, TX

Purchase Creating Your Church’s Culture today on Amazon or on Kindle.